The Importance of Electrical Surge Protection at Home and Office

Any home will have at least three to four major appliances. Some homes have half a dozen and more. Offices may have more appliances depending on the nature of business. In a typical setup, there would be television, lights, air conditioning and heating system, laptops and desktops, washing machines, microwaves, freezers and refrigerators, dishwashers, mixers and juicers. Beyond these common appliances, there can be many installations catering to specific purposes. For instance, there could be a pressure washer, special tools for specific purposes and a business can have anything from high end servers to pricey electronics.

You must be very cautious while hiring an electrician because the purpose is not just to set up an appliance or install it. You have to ensure that the wiring is proper, that there is no problem, that you have the necessary voltage stabilization to optimally run the appliances and that you have electrical surge protection. What you would need is a whole home or office electrical surge protection device installed.

Let us get down to the basics. Before you install any appliance or machine, you must check the wattage of the appliance and then check the voltage of the power outlets. Every type of power outlet has a certain voltage which is the upper limit. Every appliance will require a certain voltage power outlet or socket depending on the wattage of power needed to run the appliance. If you don’t plug the appliance in an appropriate socket, then you are risking your electrical setup and the appliance. The appliance will not run and it may go kaput. You may also blow your electrical circuit if the installation is not done properly by an electrician, and have the appropriate sockets.

You need to have the wiring inspected or checked out to ensure that the wiring can support the power which the major appliances will draw. The wiring needed for an air conditioner or refrigerator is not the same that you need for your fans or lights or even desktops. If you have appropriate wiring, then the inspection process will tell you that you are good to go with the installation. However, if you don’t then have the wiring upgraded or the appropriate wiring installed by an experienced electrician before setting up the major appliance.

The power outlets must be earthed or grounded. Typically, the mains are grounded and thereon every power outlet is singularly earthed but there can be some that are not. Be double sure before proceeding. You may have to redo the fuse in your mains, distribution panels, or at circuit breakers if the fuse present is not appropriate for the major appliances.

While all that nitty-gritty will be quintessential, ensuring electrical surge protection is also a basic need. If your electrician doesn’t attend to the needs for electrical surge protection, then you would be exposing your entire home or office, all the appliances, and the wiring to fluctuating voltage. Surges can damage any and everything that runs on electricity. Doing a search for a qualified licensed electrician is easy.