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The CapStar Electrical team of highly trained commercial and industrial electrical craftsmen have provided top quality electrical installations for large and commercial building projects in Texas for over 19 years. We are trained in all aspects of commercial electrical work and offer extensive expertise and professional service to our clients. Our skills also include building electrical installations for industrial facilities, semi – conductor facilities, water/waste water facilities, roadways, highways and bridges.

Our strict adherence to all professional standards ensures the quality of our electrical work and the safety of our clients and the public. Because each member of the CapStar Electrical team is a licensed electrician, dedicated to maintaining up-to-date skills based on the latest industry guidelines and standards, we can guarantee that the electrical projects of our clients are completed in a timely, cost effective, quality manner.

At CapStar Electric, our word is our bond, if it is the right thing to do, it is never wrong. We are proud to acknowledge that we have successfully completed every project awarded to us. CapStar Electric’s commitment to quality doesn’t end at job completion. Our extensive support network and 24/7 on-call service provides our clients with the, knowing that problems or questions will be addressed promptly and professionally. If you are in need of a full service electrical contractor, call CapStar Electric to discuss your project.

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